About me

Author photo of woman in glasses with blue knitted jumperI like stories that surprise and inspire me, that speak to my heart and leave an impression for days and weeks afterwards. But I also love writing that makes me think, that forces us to look both within and outside ourselves and understand something new about the human race – whether uplifting or horrifying.


I saved my first novel – for children – on a floppy disk when I was thirteen years old. Only my mum will ever appreciate its brilliance because it’s stayed in a drawer ever since.


After that I wrote a novella and then my first full-length novel with so much secrecy I may as well have signed a non-disclosure agreement.


Finally, I decided to get serious. I signed up to a CityLit novel-writing class and got myself a writing circle (the ‘Southbank Scribblers’, and then the ‘Zoom-Southbank Scribblers’) to whom I will be eternally grateful. I tried not to chew a hole through my cheek, and started letting OTHER PEOPLE see my writing. 


And it worked! In 2023 I signed with the wonderful Laetitia Rutherford and in  August 2024 Renard Press will publish my debut novel, Fledging.


I love language in all its forms, and I speak Italian, French and Arabic (and even a bit of Norwegian). Aside from my hometown of London I’ve lived in Cambridge, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


I’m from a small immediate family but a big extended family, spread all around the world. I’m varying parts Norwegian, Italian and American depending on how you do your “math,” but I say “maths,” so at heart I’m all Brit.


In my spare time I like to spot herons along my local river, run with a huge grin on my face, and eat things involving cheese.


I live in London with my civil partner and Tolstoy, an extremely fluffy ginger tabby.